Trainee Services

After a first interview with the future trainee, we determine her/his profile, after analyzing the results obtained in the Ev @ lang test and our positioning test; we draw up the estimate to be submitted to the HR department of his company (or to any other contact such as the Employment Center for example), as well as the training program specifying the trainee’s requirements inherent to his work schedule.

We monitor the trainee’s file and are in contact with the company and the financier.

We make a point of honor to responsiveness and supervision and strive to minimize the administrative procedures of the future trainee. During the training, we are attentive to the expectations of the trainee and to his listening so that the training is the most profitable possible. We take care of enrolling the trainee in the professional exam that will validate his training, to ensure that he only has to worry about his training.

Services for jobseekers

During the first meeting, a member of our teaching team speaks with the jobseeker, future trainee, analyzes his training request and his objectives in order to offer him the training most suited to his language skills and professional. We always strive to be as close as possible to our expectations but also exercise our role of counselor and pedagogue to guide the future trainee towards the choices that will be most relevant to him and the rest of his career.

Following this interview, we determine its profile, taking into account the results obtained in the Ev @ lang test and our positioning test.

We complete for the trainee the documents of support of the training by Pôle Emploi, whatever the convention or the contract.

We provide all the administrative documents necessary for the constitution of the file.

Accredited by Pôle Emploi and present on Kairos, platform of Pole Employment, we can thus ensure the administrative follow-up of the trainee and limit the waiting time for the beginning of a formation.

We have privileged relationships with the Pôle Emploi advisors of our trainees.

We listen to the trainee’s expectations so that the training is as profitable as possible. When a trainee is engaged in a long training, we regularly organize meetings with him, his teacher and his referent.

Business Service

When an employee decides to take professional training on his or her working time, often as part of the activation of his CPF account, we ensure continuity between the company, the employee and our center.

We listen to the entrepreneurial imperatives and take charge of the management of the future trainee’s file. In most cases, we are in direct contact with Opca, which will finance the training, so as not to add an additional administrative burden to the company.

We strive as far as possible to be flexible and available to best meet the requirements of the business world.

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